Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland

The Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland

The Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland, offers its players a vast selection of experiences, including various games, an online gaming portal, and the Colossus Casino Club experience.

The Colossus Casino Club

The Colossus Casino Club  prides itself on a code of conduct that ensures all members enjoy the club’s facilities. The Club is open every day from 8pm to 8am. Membership is free, but members must be over the age of eighteen and have to provide a photo identification document when signing up.

The Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland, is centrally located, and offers its members kitchen facilities with complimentary refreshments, excluding alcohol, rooms to watch sporting events in, weekly promotions, cash games aimed at players of all levels of experience with both pot limits and no limits, as well as professional staff and assistance. The Club and its staff support responsible gambling.

The Games Available

The Colossus Casino focuses on roulette, blackjack, and casino brag, in addition to poker, which is played in separate poker rooms. The casino offers both touch-screen as well as live table roulette games, and various blackjack and poker games.

When playing live table roulette, players will have to pass their money to the dealer and receive chips in return. These will either be cash value chips or colour chips. If playing colour chips, no one with the same colour chips may play the same game. The roulette wheel has thirty seven numbers, eighteen of which are red and eighteen of which are black, in addition to the zero slot. Players will have to place their chips on the table before the ball drops in a designated pocket, which will denote the winning number. When players have finished playing, they will hand their colour chips to the dealer and receive cash chips in exchange. These must be taken to the cash desk, where they will be exchanged for real money.

Blackjack is played against the dealer and the object of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over twenty-one. Bets must be placed before any cards are placed, and, at first, two cards are given to each player and to the dealer. The player can decide to hit or stay, whereas the dealer must draw up to and on twelve and stay on seventeen. The Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland, does offer an insurance bet when playing blackjack.

Brit Brag is a three-card version of poker with two ways to bet and three ways to win. The game is played against the dealer and all bets must be made before cards are placed. Players can place the Pair Plus bet, which is not a bet placed against the dealer but a bet that the player will receive a pair or better, or they can place the Ante Bet, which is a standard bet against the dealer.

The Colossus Casino in Dublin, Ireland, also offers separate poker rooms with poker games offered seven days a week. Players can choose to play both tournaments and cash games.