Eurocoin Gaming

Eurocoin Gaming Dutch Entertainment Machine Distributor

Originally founded more than three decades ago in 1980, Eurocoin Gaming is a distributor of entertainment machines, developer of slot and skill-based gaming content, and provider of automated machine monitoring services.

In 2013, the original Eurocoin Gaming was merged with JHV Gaming Products and to from Eurocoin Gaming as it is known today. More recently, in early 2015, Eurocoin Gaming was acquired by the Novomatic Group, a world-leading integrated gaming company. Currently, there are three brands within the Eurocoin Gaming stable – JHV, Bell-Fruit and Errel.

Market-Leading Slots and Skill Machine Distributor

Largely due to the fact that it is the sole supplier of the popular Bell-Fruit machines in the Netherlands, Eurocoin Gaming is the dominant player in that market. In fact, roughly 75% of the Dutch pub market and 30% of its arcade sector are held by Eurocoin Gaming.

As part of this, Eurocoin Gaming is the exclusive dealer to several gaming outlets for a number of renowned industry brands – such as Slovenian Roulette supplier, Gold Club.

Forerunning Content Provider

In addition to its machine-distribution operations, Eurocoin Gaming creates the content for those machines. This includes dozens of casino and skill-based – e.g. roulette and poker – games for both casinos/pubs and arcades across the Netherlands.

Each of the Eurocoin Gaming brands has its own development team, the members of which have designed and developed games for a number of different platforms for the Dutch market as well international markets – including those of Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and the Russian Federation. Because they operate independently, these three development teams are able to respond promptly to the changing needs and legislation of their specific target markets.

Some of the better known games by Eurocoin Gaming titles include Magic Luck, Big Hit, Crazy Criss Cross, Inferno, Fruit Fest, Joker Poker 2, Random Flashback, Wild Thing, Deuces Wild, and Golden Book.

Supplier of System Support Products

A lesser-known service provided by Eurocoin Gaming is its supply of support products, such as the Gamekeeper system, to gaming outlets. A product of the UCS Group, Gamekeeper is an entertainment centre automation and management system that monitors the security of factory coin-operated game machines, automates token sales, and collects pertinent data.

Responsible Gaming Advocate & Government Spokes Partner

Eurocoin gaming is a forerunning advocate of responsible gaming, with the chairmanship of the trade association for wholesale companies in the Netherlands: DAGP – Dutch Association of Gaming Providers. It is openly recognised by Eurocoin gaming that responsible and legal gaming is the key to the sustainable future for the industry.

Moreover, as a result of its extensive operations in numerous countries their respective gaming authorities, Eurocoin Gaming is highly knowledge about international laws regarding for gaming machines, thus enabling them to provide support in navigating legal approval procedures.

This experience is also why Eurocoin Gaming was selected by the Dutch government as an official spokes partner on matters pertaining to the development of new gaming laws.