Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot

Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot Series

Aristocrat Gaming is a slots developer based in Australia and their games are available at numerous online casinos worldwide. Renowned for creating innovative and exciting games, this brand is a force to be reckoned with online.

The Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot series is a series of slot games developed by Aristocrat that offers players a unique gaming experience with a distinctive jackpot targeting game play.

Jackpot Streak Slots Basics

There are a few features that are characteristic of all Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot series games. For one, these games feature symbols with high quality graphics and animation sequences. Graphic experiences are heightened through various symbol animations. When three to five stacks of symbols land next to each other, these will form into one large symbol. All reels also have blank positions that may be filled by random symbols, heightening the excitement and anticipation of the Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot games.

Winning combinations are landed by matching symbols on an active pay line. If players land consecutive wins during the free spins feature, this will enable them to shoot for the jackpot win. For each consecutive win, a horizontal meter above the reels will gradually increase, rewarding players with multipliers combined with an additional free game or a jackpot win. If players land five consecutive wins, they will be rewarded with the Grand Jackpot. However, even if the jackpot is not won, players can still receive the multipliers and free games. This streak of wins required gives these slots the name of Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot games.

Jackpot Streak Series Games

Two of the most well-known games in the Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot series are Sparkling Royal and Garden of Amazon. Each of these games features a progressive jackpot option with three levels and entices players to keep playing with frequent features and jackpot wins.

Sparkling Royal

Sparkling Royal is a Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot game that offers players stacked symbols, high quality graphics, and various animation sequences. It is one of the first releases of the Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot series.  While the graphics and general look of this game do not match the Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot games that would be released after Sparkling Royal, it does give players the original taste of the Jackpot Streak feature and all the other Jackpot Streak games are based on Sparkling Royal.

The Sparkling Royal Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot game uses all of the above-mentioned Jackpot Streak features, including the enlargement of a symbol if three, four, or five stacks of it are landed to celebrate the stacked symbol win and the consecutive win feature that enables the jackpot win.

Garden of Amazon

Garden of Amazon is another slots game in the Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot game series.  In contrast to Sparkling Royal, Garden of Amazon incorporates high quality graphics, animation sequences, and sound effects to create an advanced Jackpot Streak Aristocrat Slot game playing experience. As before, landing five consecutive wins rewards players with the Grand Jackpot, and stacked wins are also celebrated through the combination of matching symbols to form one large symbol.