Massive Jackpots at Betsoft Casinos

Massive Jackpots at Betsoft Casinos

Betsoft Gaming is a developer and provider of online casino software. Betsoft Gaming is a fairly small online casino software company, yet it has certainly made a name for itself in the industry and is renowned for pioneering the use of state-of-the-art 3D graphics. This is in large part due to their revolutionary slots technology. The company was formed in 1999 but struggled for years to gain prominence in the online casino industry as there were certain bigger companies that had a stronghold over the Internet realm and made it difficult for a smaller company.

It was only after Betsoft Gaming found its niche, in producing high quality 3D online games that the company managed to become a main contender in the market. There are, however, more features than merely the fact that the games are in 3D that attract players to Betsoft Games. One of these is the fact that one is often able to find massive jackpots at Betsoft casinos. Betsoft Gaming does not manage its casinos directly. Instead it licenses out its software to third party vendors.

Information on Casino Jackpots

Jackpot slot machines can be found in all casinos and many people like to play these machines because they have the chance of winning bigger pay-outs. There are 2 types of jackpot slot machines found online: non-progressive slot machines and progressive slot machines. In the non-progressive slot machines the jackpot will remain the same amount always. Once someone wins, the jackpot will be reset at the same amount. Progressive slot machines, on the other hand, are different because several slot machines will be connected to one big jackpot.

This means that a portion of the players’ losses will go into one jackpot that can be won by someone playing at any of the connected machines. The jackpot will then be greater than the jackpot that is collected from losses at only one machine. Betsoft Gaming has games that feature both progressive and non-progressive jackpots, which both offer massive jackpots at Betsoft casinos.

Betsoft Casinos’ Jackpots

Betsoft Gaming has has about 15 progressive jackpot games including, Greedy Goblins Slots, Aztec Treasures 3 Reel and Chase the Cheese. Betsoft has ensured that players new to progressive jackpot slots will feel comfortable playing their games by making sure that the games are straightforward and easy to understand. The jackpots are tied only to one game which has the advantage of simplicity. It also means that the jackpots are generally smaller than other companies that have a multi-game jackpot. This can, however, be viewed as a good thing because it means that the player will generally have the chance to win while betting less on a line when playing Betsoft games.

Noteworthy Betsoft games that have massive jackpots at Betsoft casinos include Slots Angels and Chase the Cheese, both with a jackpot of around $10,000. Overall, Betsoft games do not have the biggest jackpots but when you count the fact that there are generally less players playing Betsoft games, it means that a player definitely has more chance of winning the jackpots that are available. In short, one will be able to play visually striking games and place less money in the amounts of bets, but still be able to win massive jackpots at Betsoft casinos.