MediaLive Bringing Gaming Alive

There is something irreplaceable about land-based casinos. The interaction with the dealers, the other players and even the audio and visual feel that it generates. When Internet came along it certainly put a damper on the appeal of land-based casinos simply because they can offer more directly to the players. But betting on one’s own is not quite the same as betting in a group be it together or against each other. That disconnection between these two wonderful betting experiences is where medialive comes in to correct it. By offering players those very games they’ve loved from both online and off-line casinos now with the full interaction that the classic land games had to begin with, online.

The Birth of MediaLive

Founded in 2005 this software provider aimed to provide the public with a live casino experience online with real dealers and all in the comfort of their own homes. Since then they have created personalised custom casino products integrated onto whichever platform requested. Essentially players will be able to play their favourite casino classics like roulette, blackjack, poker and even baccarat live with other players and a real human dealer all online. This truly offers the best of both worlds and players will find themselves able to fully absorb and integrate into the games. This is because they will for the first time be able to openly engage the game coordinator as well as the other players all whilst playing. It is certainly unique and all-encompassing way to bet online.


The Growth of MediaLive

Perhaps a little bit of history on medialive is necessary. As was mentioned above this company began in 2005 and since then has been refining and harnessing its niche in the online casino market to offer its community the experience it promised to bring. In 2007 they began their live gaming expedition. Their aim was simply to offer players the experience that the land-based casinos had, now online and easily accessible. Since this objective was set this company has worked tirelessly to build and refine this idea utilising the latest technologies and community input to produce the live casino games it has to date.

Recently they have switched to the modern HTML 5 setup for their software which allows them to not only offer their live games on a mobile platform but also as either download, flash or instant play. This means the players will not only be able to play the live games on their mobile phone regardless of most operating systems but also to either play on site and immediately or download for a smoother more long-term experience.

Developing the Online World

Because as a software developer first and foremost medialive also offers a live games to other online casinos and through green screen technology can even allow these casinos to add their own backdrops and themes to the games. Additionally, because of the flexibility of the software they can integrate it into other top software platforms only enhancing these games through this.

As for those players that have interests in casino games other than the classics, do not fret. This software developer has already made plans to integrate the less common betting games into his live gameplay style. This includes games like craps and even sic bo. So once again the online betting community has everyone’s demands covered and medialive is only too happy to oblige.