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A Million Lottery Stories

Winning the Lottery is a fantasy that most people have entertained, and there are more than a million Lottery stories online today. These often give a good idea of what not to do after winning, as many people have lost their entire fortunes as well as their friends and family through bad investments and lending money or not lending money. However, there are also plenty of feel-good stories about how people have used their winnings to do good and enjoy a better life. A common denominator in most of these seems to be to indulge in a few good things, make wise investments and avoid telling too many people. The specific examples below are good illustrations of this.

Keeping Calm about a Thrilling Win

A young woman, who has identified herself only as Catalina in the media, might have been very excited when she won 126 million US Dollars in a Lottery in 2009, but she certainly didn’t show it. Instead she kept working and living the same life she always had on the small Island of Mallorca, off the coast of Spain. She only told a few people and eventually moved away from the island to avoid too much attention and a million lottery questions, and even today drives a very common car and is registered with the local public hospital. Her main motivation for staying so grounded was that she didn’t want her young son to be overly influenced by this fabulous wealth, or to develop a poor work ethic. Today they both live very normal lives, although neither will ever have to worry about paying the bills.

All in the Family

When a retired woman in Victoria, Australia, won the Lottery in 2012, she and her husband decided to remain anonymous and let as few people know as possible. Rather than telling any of their friends and family, and then having to deal with publicity and loan requests, the couple took a long trip to Asia, paid off the student loans of their 3 children, bought a home for themselves, made investments and gave each of their children substantial amounts of money towards buying houses of their own. The woman’s husband was also due to retire soon, so they were able to conduct all of this business without raising too many suspicions.

Paying it Forward

For some people, spoiling themselves with even a little bit of their wealth is not how they decide to spend it. Allen and Violet Large, a Canadian couple in their 70s, won 11.2 million Lottery Dollars in 2010 but felt that other people needed it more. They set up several of their family members financially, and then donated most of what was left to hospitals and other charitable organisations. Similarly, Colin and Christine Weir, from Scotland, have given much of their 250 million Lottery Dollar fortune to causes that moved them. Recipients have included promising young artists, a young girl with cerebral palsy, and a child who needed to have a prosthetic limb fitted. The couple also donated their home to their neighbour, a teen mother at the time, and have given millions to different community causes through the Weir Charitable Trust that they set up.